A node within an XML tree.

A node within an XML tree.


Node(const XML::Node&in)




XML::Node& opAssign(const XML::Node&in) Operator obj = x

bool opImplConv() const Operator T x = obj

string Attribute(const string&in name, const string&in def = "") const Get an attribute within this node. For example, the node <abc x="y"> has an attribute named "x" with a value "y". If the attribute does not exist, the def parameter is returned.

XML::Node Child(const string&in name) const Get the child node within this node that matches the tag name. For example, to get the tag <abc>, call Child("abc").

string Content() const Get the content text within this node.

XML::Node FirstChild() const Get the first child node within this node.

XML::Node LastChild() const Get the last child node within this node.

string Name() const Get the tag name of the node. For example, <abc> will return "abc".

XML::Node NextSibling() const Get the next sibling in the parent of this node. For example, if the node you're calling it on is <abc>, it will return <def> in this tree: <root><abc/><def/></root>