Discord group



The response code for Discord::Respond().

Discord::Response::No = 0
Discord::Response::Yes = 1
Discord::Response::Ignore = 2

Discord::Status A Discord status update.

Discord::User Information about a user.

Global functions

void Discord::Initialize(const string&in applicationId) Initialize the Discord RPC API.

void Discord::Shutdown() Shutdown the Discord RPC API.

bool Discord::IsReady() Check if the Discord RPC API is ready.

Discord::User@ Discord::GetUser() Gets the currently logged in Discord user.

void Discord::SetStatus(const Discord::Status&in status) Sets the current Discord rich presence status.

void Discord::Respond(const string&in userId, Discord::Response reply) Respond to a join request.

string Discord::GetQueuedJoin() Get the queued up join secret to join.

string Discord::GetQueuedSpectate() Get the queued up spectate secret to join.

int Discord::GetNumJoinRequests() Get the amount of queued up join requests received.

Discord::User@ Discord::GetQueuedJoinRequest() Gets the first queued up join request. Returns null if there's no more join requests.