Meta group



The type of plugin.

Meta::PluginType::Unknown = 0
Meta::PluginType::Legacy = 1
Meta::PluginType::Folder = 2
Meta::PluginType::Zip = 3


Where this plugin is loaded from.

Meta::PluginSource::Unknown = 0
Meta::PluginSource::ApplicationFolder = 1
Meta::PluginSource::UserFolder = 2
Meta::PluginSource::TitlePack = 3


The type of this setting variable.

Meta::PluginSettingType::Unknown = 0
Meta::PluginSettingType::Bool = 1
Meta::PluginSettingType::Enum = 2
Meta::PluginSettingType::Float = 3
Meta::PluginSettingType::Int8 = 4
Meta::PluginSettingType::Int16 = 5
Meta::PluginSettingType::Int32 = 6
Meta::PluginSettingType::String = 7
Meta::PluginSettingType::Vec2 = 8
Meta::PluginSettingType::Vec3 = 9
Meta::PluginSettingType::Vec4 = 10

Meta::PluginSetting Information about a plugin's setting.

Meta::Plugin Information about an Openplanet plugin.

Global functions

Meta::Plugin@ Meta::ExecutingPlugin() Gets the currently executing plugin.

Meta::Plugin@[]@ Meta::AllPlugins() Gets all plugins that are loaded.

Meta::Plugin@ Meta::GetPluginFromID(const string&in id) Gets a plugin from its ID.

Meta::Plugin@ Meta::GetPluginFromSiteID(int siteID) Gets a plugin from its site ID, if set.

Meta::Plugin@ Meta::LoadPlugin(const string&in path, Meta::PluginSource source, Meta::PluginType type) Loads a plugin into memory from the given absolute path and returns a handle to the plugin.

void Meta::UnloadPlugin(Meta::Plugin@ plugin) Unloads a plugin from memory completely. Note that this will invalidate the plugin object passed in on the next frame! It can be dangerous to use the handle after calling this!