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UI group



Window flags that can be passed to UI::Begin().

UI::WindowFlags::NoTitleBar = 1

UI::WindowFlags::NoResize = 2

UI::WindowFlags::NoMove = 4

UI::WindowFlags::NoScrollbar = 8

UI::WindowFlags::NoScrollWithMouse = 16

UI::WindowFlags::NoCollapse = 32

UI::WindowFlags::AlwaysAutoResize = 64

UI::WindowFlags::NoSavedSettings = 256

UI::WindowFlags::NoInputs = 786944

UI::WindowFlags::MenuBar = 1024

UI::WindowFlags::HorizontalScrollbar = 2048

UI::WindowFlags::NoFocusOnAppearing = 4096

UI::WindowFlags::NoBringToFrontOnFocus = 8192

UI::WindowFlags::AlwaysVerticalScrollbar = 16384

UI::WindowFlags::AlwaysHorizontalScrollbar = 32768

UI::WindowFlags::AlwaysUseWindowPadding = 65536

UI::WindowFlags::NoNavInputs = 262144

UI::WindowFlags::NoNavFocus = 524288

UI::WindowFlags::NoNav = 786432


Combo flags that can be passed to UI::BeginCombo().

UI::ComboFlags::None = 0

UI::ComboFlags::PopupAlignLeft = 1

UI::ComboFlags::HeightSmall = 2

UI::ComboFlags::HeightRegular = 4

UI::ComboFlags::HeightLarge = 8

UI::ComboFlags::HeightLargest = 16

UI::ComboFlags::NoArrowButton = 32

UI::ComboFlags::NoPreview = 64


Selectable flags that can be passed to UI::Selectable().

UI::SelectableFlags::None = 0

UI::SelectableFlags::DontClosePopups = 1

UI::SelectableFlags::SpanAllColumns = 2

UI::SelectableFlags::AllowDoubleClick = 4


Conditions for certain UI set operations.

UI::Cond::Always = 1

UI::Cond::Once = 2

UI::Cond::FirstUseEver = 4

UI::Cond::Appearing = 8


void UI::Begin(const string&in title, int flags = UI :: WindowFlags :: NoCollapse)

Begins an imgui window.

void UI::End()

Ends an imgui window.

void UI::SetNextWindowSize(int w, int h, UI::Cond cond = UI :: Cond :: Appearing)

Sets the size for the next window created with UI::Begin().

void UI::SetNextWindowPos(int x, int y, UI::Cond cond = UI :: Cond :: Appearing, float pivotx = 0.0f, float pivoty = 0.0f)

Sets the position for the next window created with UI::Begin(). Pivot floats can be used to align the window on the given point.

void UI::PushID(const ?&in)

Pushes an ID to the stack.

void UI::PushID(const string&in id)

Pushes an ID to the stack.

void UI::PopID()

Pops an ID from the stack.

void UI::SameLine()

Marks the next control to be drawn on the same line as the last one.

void UI::NewLine()

Marks the next control to be drawn on the next line rather than the current line.

bool UI::Button(const string&in label)

Clickable button. Returns true if it was clicked.

void UI::Text(const string&in text)

Simple text label.

void UI::TextDisabled(const string&in text)

Simple text label, but in its disabled color.

void UI::LabelText(const string&in label, const string&in text)

Text label with a value.

void UI::PlotLines(const string&in label, const float[]&in values)

Line graph.

bool UI::Checkbox(const string&in label, bool value)

Checkbox. For value, pass the current value. The return value is the new value.

bool UI::BeginMenuBar()

Begins an imgui menu bar.

void UI::EndMenuBar()

Ends an imgui menu bar.

bool UI::BeginMenu(const string&in label, bool enabled = true)

Begins an imgui menu.

void UI::EndMenu()

Ends an imgui menu.

bool UI::MenuItem(const string&in label, const string&in shortcut = "", bool selected = false)

Clickable menu item. Returns true when clicked.

bool UI::TreeNode(const string&in text)

Node in a tree list. Returns true if opened.

void UI::TreePop()

End of the previously tree node. Must only be called if TreeNode() returned true.

void UI::TreeAdvanceToLabelPos()

Advance the cursor position to the normal label position for tree nodes.

bool UI::CollapsingHeader(const string&in label)

Collapsable header. Returns true if open.

bool UI::IsItemHovered()

Returns true if the mouse is hovering the previous control.

void UI::BeginTooltip()

Begins a tooltip dialog.

void UI::EndTooltip()

Ends a tooltip dialog.

bool UI::BeginPopupContextItem(const string&in id)

Begins a popup context item.

void UI::EndPopup()

Ends a popup.

bool UI::BeginCombo(const string&in label, const string&in current, UI::ComboFlags flags = UI :: ComboFlags :: None)

Begins a combo box.

bool UI::Selectable(const string&in label, bool selected, UI::SelectableFlags flags = UI :: SelectableFlags :: None)

Represents a selectable item. Could be inside of a combo box.

void UI::SetItemDefaultFocus()

Puts default focus on the last added item.

void UI::EndCombo()

Ends a combo box.

int UI::InputInt(const string&in label, int num, int step = 1)

Input integer. Returns the new value.

float UI::InputFloat(const string&in label, float num, float step = 1.0f)

Input float. Returns the new value.

bool UI::IsOverlayShown()

Returns true if the overlay is currently visible.

void UI::ShowOverlay()

Shows the overlay.

void UI::HideOverlay()

Hides the overlay.