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Plugin functions

These are the functions that will be called for each plugin, if the function exists.

void Main()

The main entry point. (Yieldable)

void Update(int dt)

Called every frame. dt is the delta time (milliseconds since last frame).

void Render()

Render function called every frame.

void RenderInterface()

Render function called every frame intended for UI.

void RenderMenu()

Render function called every frame intended only for menu items in UI.

bool OnKeyPress(bool down, uint key)

Called whenever a key is pressed on the keyboard.

bool OnMouseButton(bool down, int button, int x, int y)

Called whenever a mouse button is pressed.

void OnMouseMove(int x, int y)

Called whenever the mouse moves.

void OnSettingsChanged()

Called when a setting in the settings panel was changed.

void OnLoadCallback(CMwNod@ nod)

Called when a Nod is loaded. You have to call RegisterLoadCallback first before this is called.

void OnSetCurChallenge(CGameCtnChallenge@ challenge)

Called when a new challenge is loaded into the game app, before the decoration has been loaded.

void OnDisabled()

Called when the plugin is getting disabled from the settings.