Downloads for Trackmania

Note: The Club Edition of Trackmania is required to use the full feature set of Openplanet. Click here to read why.

Openplanet 1.20.2

October 13 2021

Download 1.20.2
Downloads 9048
  • Added game version data for 2021-10-04 and 2021-10-11 (faster game startup)
  • Added copy buttons on immutable strings in Nod Explorer
  • Added "Show input debug information" setting that should help with input troubleshooting
  • Added border and flags parameters to UI::BeginChild()
  • Added UI::BeginDisabled, UI::EndDisabled
  • Added UI::BeginPopupModal
  • Added UI::MergeFallbackFonts
  • Added missing UI::WindowFlags::None
  • Added Meta API functions to read and write to plugin settings
  • Added CSystemFidFile::Extract
  • Fixed some input blocking problems that arose from previous update (now delays keyboard capture release until all keys are released)
  • Fixed passing wstring to tostring() not working

Openplanet 1.20.0

October 4 2021

Download 1.20.0
Downloads 9454
  • Added game version data for 2021-09-30
  • Added some missing icons and symbols that were present in the game
  • Added new Audio API
  • Added Arial fallback font if present on the system
  • Added a bunch of new UI functions:
    • UI::TextWrappedWindow
    • UI::GetContentRegionAvail
    • UI::GetContentRegionMax
    • UI::GetWindowContentRegionMin
    • UI::GetWindowContentRegionMax
    • UI::GetWindowContentRegionWidth
    • UI::CalcWordWrapPosition
    • UI::PushItemWidth
    • UI::PopItemWidth
    • UI::AlignTextToFramePadding
    • UI::GetTextLineHeight
    • UI::GetTextLineHeightWithSpacing
    • UI::GetFrameHeight
    • UI::GetFrameHeightWithSpacing
    • UI::IsItemClicked
    • UI::IsWindowFocused
    • UI::OpenPopup
    • UI::CloseCurrentPopup
    • UI::BeginPopup
    • UI::BeginFormattingGroup
    • UI::EndFormattingGroup
    • UI::EnableOverlayInput - Allows enabling UI input even when the overlay is disabled.
    • UI::DisableOverlayInput
    • UI::IsOverlayInputEnabled
    • UI::IsOverlayInputEnabledExternally
  • Added text input callbacks to the UI API
  • Added UI::DrawList::AddImage overload with UV coordinates
  • Added alternative variation of UI::Dummy with baseline Y offset
  • Added simpler variations for nvg::TextBounds and nvg::TextBoxBounds
  • Added support for text shadows with \$s
  • Added Regex::Contains
  • Added string::IndexOfI
  • Keyboard and mouse inputs are now blocked separately
  • UI inputs are now never blocked, meaning that UI in Render() can be interacted with even when the overlay is turned off
  • The built-in dictionary class is now much faster
  • Fixed key release events not being propogated to UI properly on overlay toggling
  • Fixed FileSource not properly being in IO namespace
  • Fixed constness of Json::Value::GetType
  • Fixed game inputs sometimes blocking after Alt+Tabbing
  • Fixed ImGui not supporting the full 32 bit UTF-8 character space
  • Fixed missing default font for NanoVG
  • Fixed Maniaplanet formatting not working with scopes ($< and $>)
  • Fixed Maniaplanet formatting not working with unfinished color codes
  • Fixed Maniaplanet formatting not working with some uppercase formatting codes
  • Fixed crash when trying to push a font that was not (properly) loaded
  • Fixed crash when using invalid time formatting

Openplanet 1.19.3

September 9 2021

Download 1.19.3
Downloads 9920
  • Fixed game freezing in exclusive fullscreen after Alt+Tab
  • Added resizable columns in settings dialog

Openplanet 1.19.2

September 2 2021

Download 1.19.2
Downloads 2248
  • Added game version data for 2021-09-02 (faster game startup)
  • Added an uninstaller
  • Fixed some plugins not able to access its own files for certain paths
  • Fixed plugins being able to interfere with other plugin windows
  • Fixed a number of problems in the script preprocessor

Openplanet 1.19.1

August 28 2021

Download 1.19.1
Downloads 5407
  • Added a new design for the settings dialog
  • Added icons to all window titles
  • Added UI::TextWrapped, UI::PushTextWrapPos, and UI::PopTextWrapPos
  • Added Net::HttpRequest::Redirect
  • Added Meta::Openplanet* functions to get Openplanet's build info
  • Updated Angelscript, dear imgui, curl, and openssl
  • Updated OpenSSL certificate store
  • New tabs in Nod Explorer now always auto-focus
  • Improved UI stack errors to be more descriptive
  • Changed tostring to only return enum value instead of its full name
  • Game buffers and arrays now properly take unsigned integers instead of signed integers, to avoid underflow problems & crashes
  • Fixed crash on game shutdown when the AFK Queue plugin was installed (as a result, this also fixes settings not saving on shutdown)
  • Fixed crash when using Xml::Node after the Xml::Document got destroyed
  • Fixed crash when calling HttpRequest::Start multiple times
  • Fixed initialization crash when FileHashes.txt was corrupt