Downloads for Trackmania

Note: The Club Edition of Trackmania is required to use the full feature set of Openplanet. Click here to read why.

Openplanet 1.17.13

May 18 2021

Download 1.17.13
Downloads 2213
  • Added UI::SetNextItemWidth
  • Added helper library
  • Fixed early-entry script compatibility
  • Fixed some member types being unknown
  • Fixed procs no longer being visible in Nod Explorer
  • Fixed a case where an incorrect User-Agent header could appear when using the HTTP API
  • Fixed NanoVG not resetting rasterizer state causing animated signs & videos to not play (and potentially more problems)
  • Fixed crash when failing to load a texture

Openplanet 1.17.10

May 7 2021

Download 1.17.10
Downloads 2942
  • Game version data for 2021-05-06 (faster game startup)
  • Added script trait display in Nod Explorer (experimental)
  • Fixed a crash when opening some types in Nod Explorer
  • Fixed missing OpenplanetHasFullPermissions and OpenplanetHasPaidPermissions
  • Fixed write-only parameters throwing assertion
  • Fixed crash when accessing certain string parameters via scripts
  • Fixed version comparison sometimes failing in the plugin update checker

Openplanet 1.17.8

April 24 2021

Download 1.17.8
Downloads 2520
  • Added new Scene Explorer features (new design & manialinks)
  • Added game version data for 2021-04-23 (faster startup)
  • Added Net::SecureSocket for TLS sockets
  • Added UI::InputText and variations that allow passing a changed boolean
  • Added UI::SetKeyboardFocusHere
  • Added UI::GetScroll[XY], UI::SetScroll[XY], UI::GetScrollMax[XY], UI::SetScrollHere[XY], UI::SetScrollFromPos[XY]
  • Added flags to UI::BeginTabBar and UI::BeginTabItem
  • Added the ability to close tabs created with UI::BeginTabItem
  • Added UI::PushStyleVar and UI::PushStyleColor
  • Added size parameter to UI::BeginChild
  • Added missing Write functions to IO::File for uint8, uint16, uint32, uint64, int8, int16, int32, int64, float, double, and string
  • Added OpenplanetHasFullPermissions and OpenplanetHasPaidPermissions functions
  • Added Dev::GetOffsetString and added string to Dev::SetOffset
  • Added imported function binding for plugins to communicate with each other
  • Minor Nod Explorer improvements
  • Fixed not being able to intercept the same proc from 2 plugins
  • Fixed a crash when a script compiled an invalid regex
  • Fixed a potential crash when loading 2 plugins with the same ID
  • Fixed a crash when getting a substring of an invalid string
  • Refactored some engine version check stuff (needs testing, please report all problems)
  • Updated Angelscript

Openplanet 1.17.2

March 20 2021

Download 1.17.2
Downloads 3356
  • Added log message when loading a plugin
  • Added new options to the Developer menu
  • Added UI::IsWindowAppearing()
  • Fixed columns sorting in new tables API not working properly
  • Fixed some flag parameters in the API so they can be combined easier
  • Fixed leaking function reference when using script interceptions
  • Fixed Math::Rand upper bound not working properly
  • Fixed last reloaded plugin not saving properly after forgetting it
  • Fixed error when using deprecated Draw API's (these will be removed in the future, please use nvg!)

Openplanet 1.17.1

March 18 2021

Download 1.17.1
Downloads 1129
  • Added game version data for 2021-03-17 (faster startup)
  • Added new "Developer" menu which now contains options relating to the script engine (restarting scripts is now located here!)
  • Added shortcuts (when the overlay is open) to restart the script engine (Ctrl+Shift+R) and to reload the last reloaded plugin (Ctrl+R)
  • Added the ability to reload individual plugins
  • Added the ability to reload the last reloaded plugin
  • Added new design for the Debugger window
  • Added the ability for plugins to have settings with enum types
  • Added menu bars to a bunch of windows (instead of inconsistent options at the bottom or top)
  • Added new design for Network window
  • Added new Tables API to the UI namespace (this replaces the old UI::Columns() way of doing tables), see this Github issue for more details on how it works
  • Added some missing functions to the UI namespace
  • Fixed file extracting sometimes not working due to a regression in 1.16.8
  • Fixed proc interceptions not cleaning up in some rare circumstances
  • Fixed leaking script modules when script compilation failed
  • Fixed possible crash when using certain DirectInput-related external tools
  • Fixed wide string assign to null string would never set its length field
  • Removed deprecated callback function variations for OnKeyPress and Update. Use OnKeyPress with VirtualKey key and Update with float dt instead.
  • Updated Angelscript
  • Updated ImGui from 1.77 to 1.82