Downloads for TrackMania Turbo

Openplanet 1.12.3

May 19 2019

Download 1.12.3
Downloads 131
  • Added an API to load and call DLL functions (Import)
  • Added support for more types introduced in ManiaPlanet 4.1:
    • Local structures
    • Nat2
    • uint8, uint16
    • MwRefBuffer<T>
  • Added a button to Fid Explorer to export a file list to disk
  • Added an option to avoid Windows from going into powersaving mode
  • Updated Angelscript
  • Fixed the settings file sometimes outputting garbage
  • Fixed a few crashes when using a buffer indexer on a non-class type
  • Fixed Arcade Random Level going into the editor

Openplanet 1.11.6

January 20 2019

Download 1.11.6
Downloads 225
  • Added categorization to the Plugins tab in the Settings panel
  • Fixed dinput8hook.log being created in the wrong locations sometimes
  • Fixed dinput8hook.log not being verbose enough in some cases
  • Fixed passing iso4 types to script procs crashing the game
  • Fixed possibility of freezing while in loading screen

Openplanet 1.11.4

January 15 2019

Download 1.11.4
Downloads 34
  • Added plugin categorization in order to organize the Scripts menu
  • Fixed pass-through of input to the game while the overlay UI has focus
  • Fixed mouse automatically hiding during inactivity while the mouse is on overlay UI
  • Fixed overlay settings not saving properly and creating junk files in the game's folder
  • Fixed some windows not being closable (such as Map Tools)

Openplanet 1.11.3

January 10 2019

Download 1.11.3
Downloads 33
  • Fixes the "Toggle ghost" button not working
  • Fixes a crash when extracting files
  • Fixes "Random map generator" jumping straight into the classic editor without opening the generator

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Openplanet 1.11.1

January 8 2019

Download 1.11.1
Downloads 32

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New plugins:

  • Super TrackMaster times display in campaign view
  • Classic Editor will now always cause any map editor to be opened in fully unlocked MP4 editor
  • Map tools (from MP4)
  • Infinite item embed size (from MP4)


  • Added an XML API
  • Added a JSON API
  • Added the ability to intercept proc calls via Dev::InterceptProc()
  • Added UI::GetMousePos()

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed empty name in customization causing your randomized login to be used instead
  • Fixed a couple crashes


  • Updated the overlay UI to make it more clear and allow for window docking
  • All of the changes that have been included since Openplanet 1.08 and onwards on the ManiaPlanet version