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Openplanet 1.14.0

February 6 2020

Download 1.14.0
Downloads 664


  • Added "Unload scripts" option to the menu, if it's enabled in the settings.
  • Added a new method of Maniaplanet code hooking. This will eventually allow for script-level hooks as well.
  • Added the ability to set the script timeout to 0 in order to disable the timeout for performance improvements.
  • Added update branch option to the settings. (All branches are the same right now, but this might be used in the future.)
  • Fixed powersaving option not saving.
  • Changed assertions to be less obnoxious and more helpful. They'll also show in the log now.
  • Internal change of handling vectors, matrices, and quaternions.


  • Redesigned the main interface a bit.
  • Redesigned Nod Explorer.
  • Redesigned the log window.
  • Added a notification system, which is used for events inside of Openplanet and can also be created by scripts.
  • Added the ability to call procs directly from Nod Explorer.
  • Added the Nod's IdName (if it is set) in Nod Explorer.
  • Added traits to Nod Explorer. This is currently unfinished.
  • Fixed a lot of Nod Explorer visual things and shortcomings.
  • Window backgrounds are now less transparent to make text on them easier to read.
  • Added the ability for UI elements to have colors in texts, by using a Maniaplanet-like format: \$f00Red\$z
  • Fixed crash when clicking Explore Pack inside of Pack Explorer.
  • Updated ImGui.


  • Added a couple more titlepacks to Discord Rich Presence.
  • Replaced Discord rich presence notifications with native Openplanet notifications via its new API.
  • Added which plugins can include to get access to the set of FontAwesome icons that are available in both Openplanet and ManiaPlanet itself.


  • Added Import::GetLibrary (and Import::Library), which replaces Import::GetFunction entirely. This new approach allows dll's to be unloaded and replaced at runtime when plugins are unloaded.
  • Added support for string return values (in C: const char*) in the Import API.
  • Added support for wstring return values (in C: const wchar_t*) in the Import API.
  • Added support for wstring function arguments in the Import API.
  • Added Import::Ref, which can be used as a function parameter for output parameters.
  • Added the ability to load setting structures from settings.
  • Added Settings API and the corresponding OnSettingsSave and OnSettingsLoad plugin callbacks.
  • Added the hidden keyword to plugin settings to make them not show up in the settings dialog.
  • Added RenderMenuMain plugin callback, so that plugins can place stuff in Openplanet's main menu.
  • Added VirtualKey enum which is now also accepted in a plugin's OnKeyPress callback.
  • Added the ability to load setting structures from settings.
  • Changed the plugin function Update(int dt) to take a float instead. The old callback will throw a deprecation warning.
  • Added the ability to load and render textures via Resources::GetTexture, UI::Image, and Draw::DrawTexture.
  • Added UI::SliderInt, UI::SliderFloat, UI::VSliderInt, and UI::VSliderFloat.
  • Added power parameter to UI::VSliderFloat.
  • Added UI::InputText.
  • Added UI::PushFont and UI::PopFont.
  • Added NanoVG API. See the nvg namespace documentation. Ultimately this is supposed to somewhat replace the Draw API.
  • Added warn() and error() functions to scripts.
  • Added XML::Node::Content.
  • Added string::opIndex.
  • Added documentation for string::Join.
  • Fixed broken proc calls due to a Maniaplanet change.
  • Added mat3 type to perform 2D transformations.
  • Added Length, LengthSquared, and Normalized functions to vectors in scripting API.
  • Fixed potential crashes when using iso3 and iso4 types in scripts.
  • Added a Resources::Sound type which holds a wave file and can be played.
  • Added IO::IndexFolder function, which can be used to list files and folders.
  • Added listening API to Net::Socket.
  • Added support for writing #region and #endregion. (The compiler just ignores them)
  • Added init param to MemoryBuffer constructor.
  • Fixed OnSetCurChallenge callback causing a crash.
  • Fixed font size change not working in font loading.
  • Fixed crash when reloading font at runtime.
  • Throw exception when trying to load a font while font atlas is locked.
  • Fixed crash when getting class members with reflection API.
  • Fixed crash when getting script properties that have a defined range.
  • Fixed crash that could occur when instantiating wide strings.
  • Fixed failed assertion when passing enum values in some cases.
  • Fixed not being able to concatenate wstring and string objects.
  • Fixed memory leak for certain strings in scripts.
  • Added Angelscript's ref type, which can contain any type of handle.
  • Added a startnew() variation that also accepts a userdata parameter.
  • Added some more Dev API functions, as well as removing some limitations.
  • Updated Angelscript.

Openplanet 1.13.3

October 24 2019

Download 1.13.3
Downloads 159
  • Fixed virtual enum getters throwing a failed assertion error.

Openplanet 1.13.0

September 12 2019

Download 1.13.0
Downloads 90
  • Added the ability for plugins to categorize settings
  • Added the ability to stop Openplanet from loading entirely by holding the "Pause" key while starting ManiaPlanet
  • Added regex flags to Regex API
  • Added RenderSettings() function to plugins
  • Added string::Join() script function
  • Added UI::Separator()
  • Added Dev::ReadInt and Dev::WriteInt
  • Added initial support for dedicated server builds (Windows + Linux)
  • Updated the way the game update routine runs
  • Updated game version data (slightly faster startup speed)
  • Updated Angelscript & ImGui
  • Fixed Openplanet not loading on Windows 7
  • Fixed plugin settings not being sorted correctly
  • Fixed IO::File::Read() only ever returning a buffer of size 1
  • Fixed drawing API not drawing behind all the other UI
  • Fixed enum property getters returning as reference rather than value
  • Fixed json escaping being wrong in some scenarios
  • Fixed documentation for Import API
  • Fixed potential future compatibility issues
  • Fixed a couple minor general stability issues

Openplanet 1.12.7

August 5 2019

Download 1.12.7
Downloads 90
  • Added Pack Explorer (also see my collection of file hashes)
  • Added IO API
  • Added MemoryBuffer class
  • Added SubStr and IndexOf functions to string class
  • Added Regex::Search and Regex::SearchAll functions
  • Added Draw::MeasureString function
  • Added the ability to apply word wrapping in Draw::DrawString function
  • Added Text::ParseHexColor function
  • Updated AngelScript
  • Updated overlay to look a little bit neater overall
  • Updated documentation for a lot of Openplanet API's
  • Updated Length() function on string to be a Length property (this is more consistent with the rest of the API)
  • Fixed failed assertions when starting the game with /windowless
  • Fixed some Openplanet settings not saving properly, such as the overlay toggle key
  • Fixed some properties not returning proper values or in some cases even crashing the game
  • Fixed json parser not being able to parse numbers such as 1. and .5
  • Fixed #include not working in included files
  • Fixed socket API wrongfully opening sockets as blocking instead of nonblocking

Openplanet 1.12.3

May 19 2019

Download 1.12.3
Downloads 138
  • Added an API to load and call DLL functions (Import)
  • Added support for more types introduced in ManiaPlanet 4.1:
    • Local structures
    • Nat2
    • uint8, uint16
    • MwRefBuffer<T>
  • Added a button to Fid Explorer to export a file list to disk
  • Added an option to avoid Windows from going into powersaving mode
  • Updated Angelscript
  • Fixed the settings file sometimes outputting garbage
  • Fixed a few crashes when using a buffer indexer on a non-class type
  • Fixed Arcade Random Level going into the editor