Downloads for TrackMania Turbo

Openplanet 1.11.6

January 20 2019

Download 1.11.6
Downloads 230
  • Added categorization to the Plugins tab in the Settings panel
  • Fixed dinput8hook.log being created in the wrong locations sometimes
  • Fixed dinput8hook.log not being verbose enough in some cases
  • Fixed passing iso4 types to script procs crashing the game
  • Fixed possibility of freezing while in loading screen

Openplanet 1.11.4

January 15 2019

Download 1.11.4
Downloads 40
  • Added plugin categorization in order to organize the Scripts menu
  • Fixed pass-through of input to the game while the overlay UI has focus
  • Fixed mouse automatically hiding during inactivity while the mouse is on overlay UI
  • Fixed overlay settings not saving properly and creating junk files in the game's folder
  • Fixed some windows not being closable (such as Map Tools)

Openplanet 1.11.3

January 10 2019

Download 1.11.3
Downloads 38
  • Fixes the "Toggle ghost" button not working
  • Fixes a crash when extracting files
  • Fixes "Random map generator" jumping straight into the classic editor without opening the generator

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Openplanet 1.11.1

January 8 2019

Download 1.11.1
Downloads 36

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New plugins:

  • Super TrackMaster times display in campaign view
  • Classic Editor will now always cause any map editor to be opened in fully unlocked MP4 editor
  • Map tools (from MP4)
  • Infinite item embed size (from MP4)


  • Added an XML API
  • Added a JSON API
  • Added the ability to intercept proc calls via Dev::InterceptProc()
  • Added UI::GetMousePos()

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed empty name in customization causing your randomized login to be used instead
  • Fixed a couple crashes


  • Updated the overlay UI to make it more clear and allow for window docking
  • All of the changes that have been included since Openplanet 1.08 and onwards on the ManiaPlanet version

Openplanet 1.08

October 25 2018

Download 1.08
Downloads 206

Initial release for TrackMania Turbo!