Downloads for ManiaPlanet 4

Openplanet 1.13.0

September 12 2019

Download 1.13.0
Downloads 457
  • Added the ability for plugins to categorize settings
  • Added the ability to stop Openplanet from loading entirely by holding the "Pause" key while starting ManiaPlanet
  • Added regex flags to Regex API
  • Added RenderSettings() function to plugins
  • Added string::Join() script function
  • Added UI::Separator()
  • Added Dev::ReadInt and Dev::WriteInt
  • Added initial support for dedicated server builds (Windows + Linux)
  • Updated the way the game update routine runs
  • Updated game version data (slightly faster startup speed)
  • Updated Angelscript & ImGui
  • Fixed Openplanet not loading on Windows 7
  • Fixed plugin settings not being sorted correctly
  • Fixed IO::File::Read() only ever returning a buffer of size 1
  • Fixed drawing API not drawing behind all the other UI
  • Fixed enum property getters returning as reference rather than value
  • Fixed json escaping being wrong in some scenarios
  • Fixed documentation for Import API
  • Fixed potential future compatibility issues
  • Fixed a couple minor general stability issues

Openplanet 1.12.7

August 5 2019

Download 1.12.7
Downloads 569
  • Added Pack Explorer (also see my collection of file hashes)
  • Added IO API
  • Added MemoryBuffer class
  • Added SubStr and IndexOf functions to string class
  • Added Regex::Search and Regex::SearchAll functions
  • Added Draw::MeasureString function
  • Added the ability to apply word wrapping in Draw::DrawString function
  • Added Text::ParseHexColor function
  • Updated AngelScript
  • Updated overlay to look a little bit neater overall
  • Updated documentation for a lot of Openplanet API's
  • Updated Length() function on string to be a Length property (this is more consistent with the rest of the API)
  • Updated game version data (speeds up game startup time)
  • Updated the installer to refuse installation on 32 bit versions of Windows, as Openplanet is 64 bit only
  • Fixed failed assertions when starting the game with /windowless
  • Fixed some Openplanet settings not saving properly, such as the overlay toggle key
  • Fixed some properties not returning proper values or in some cases even crashing the game
  • Fixed json parser not being able to parse numbers such as 1. and .5
  • Fixed #include not working in included files
  • Fixed socket API wrongfully opening sockets as blocking instead of nonblocking

Openplanet 1.12.3

May 19 2019

Download 1.12.3
Downloads 1126
  • Added an API to load and call DLL functions (Import)
  • Added support for more types introduced in ManiaPlanet 4.1:
    • Local structures
    • Nat2
    • uint8, uint16
    • MwRefBuffer<T>
  • Added a button to Fid Explorer to export a file list to disk
  • Added an option to avoid Windows from going into powersaving mode
  • Added Discord Rich Presence support for:
    • Countdown
    • Stormium
    • Platform
    • Several new TM One packs
  • Updated game version support (speeds up game startup a bit)
  • Updated Angelscript
  • Fixed the settings file sometimes outputting garbage
  • Fixed a few crashes when using a buffer indexer on a non-class type

Openplanet 1.11.6

January 20 2019

Download 1.11.6
Downloads 778
  • Added categorization to the Plugins tab in the Settings panel
  • Fixed dinput8hook.log being created in the wrong locations sometimes
  • Fixed dinput8hook.log not being verbose enough in some cases
  • Fixed passing iso4 types to script procs crashing the game
  • Fixed possibility of freezing while in loading screen

Openplanet 1.11.4

January 15 2019

Download 1.11.4
Downloads 102
  • Added plugin categorization in order to organize the Scripts menu
  • Fixed pass-through of input to the game while the overlay UI has focus
  • Fixed mouse automatically hiding during inactivity while the mouse is on overlay UI
  • Fixed overlay settings not saving properly and creating junk files in the game's folder
  • Fixed some windows not being closable (such as Map Tools)