Downloads for ManiaPlanet 4

Openplanet 1.11.6

January 20 2019

Download 1.11.6
Downloads 781
  • Added categorization to the Plugins tab in the Settings panel
  • Fixed dinput8hook.log being created in the wrong locations sometimes
  • Fixed dinput8hook.log not being verbose enough in some cases
  • Fixed passing iso4 types to script procs crashing the game
  • Fixed possibility of freezing while in loading screen

Openplanet 1.11.4

January 15 2019

Download 1.11.4
Downloads 107
  • Added plugin categorization in order to organize the Scripts menu
  • Fixed pass-through of input to the game while the overlay UI has focus
  • Fixed mouse automatically hiding during inactivity while the mouse is on overlay UI
  • Fixed overlay settings not saving properly and creating junk files in the game's folder
  • Fixed some windows not being closable (such as Map Tools)

Openplanet 1.11.3

January 10 2019

Download 1.11.3
Downloads 99
  • Fixes a crash when extracting files
  • Fixes pass by value property getters returning 0 instead of their actual value

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Openplanet 1.11.1

January 8 2019

Download 1.11.1
Downloads 56

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  • Added new "Proc interception" feature that allows intercepting calls to script procedures and modifying its parameters
  • Added basic XML parsing API
  • Added UI::GetMousePos()
  • Added a new "Extract" folder for easier file extraction
  • Updated the overlay UI to make it more clear and allow for window docking
  • Packs created by nadeolive can now be extracted
  • Fixed Discord Rich Presence not switching back to "Main Menu" status properly
  • Fixed big map sizes no longer working
  • Fixed some small AngelScript issues and performance tweaks
  • Fixed freeze that could occur when extracting certain files
  • Updated AngelScript to 2.33.1 WIP
  • Updated ImGui to 1.67 WIP

Openplanet 1.10

December 1 2018

Download 1.10
Downloads 259
  • Added new "Map Tools" plugin! Press F3 while in the editor to access some new map tools.
  • Added new Json API
  • Fixed Vsync being forced in game
  • Fixed the auto updater
  • Fixed a couple crashes that could happen in certain script scenarios
  • Fixed broken color properties in script
  • Updated offsets for latest Maniaplanet version (speeds up startup a bit)