Downloads for ManiaPlanet 4

Openplanet 1.10

December 1 2018

Download 1.10
Downloads 255
  • Added new "Map Tools" plugin! Press F3 while in the editor to access some new map tools.
  • Added new Json API
  • Fixed Vsync being forced in game
  • Fixed the auto updater
  • Fixed a couple crashes that could happen in certain script scenarios
  • Fixed broken color properties in script
  • Updated offsets for latest Maniaplanet version (speeds up startup a bit)

Openplanet 1.09

November 16 2018

Download 1.09
Downloads 243

Initial release for ManiaPlanet 4.1!

Openplanet 1.07

July 23 2018

Download 1.07
Downloads 506
  • Support for 2018-07-03 build (should speed up ManiaPlanet startup time)
  • Added the ability to change the F3 key to something else
  • Added LoadDecoration hook to stabilize the big decors plugin
  • Added Nadeo Envimix titlepack to Discord Rich Presence
  • Openplanet now populates the ExtraTool_Info property, which ManiaScript can use to check for the existance of Openplanet
  • Stability improvements

Openplanet 1.06

June 13 2018

Download 1.06
Downloads 352
  • Lots of stability improvements all over
  • Plugins: Added the offzone button to TrackMania map editor
  • Plugins: Fixed Big Decors script loading decor sizes at wrong times
  • Plugins: Fixed stadium unlock automatically unlocking at wrong times
  • Scripting: Updated Angelscript to the current WIP version, see:
  • Scripting: Added new SetCurChallenge plugin callback function
  • Overlay: Fixed some visual glitches

Openplanet 1.05

June 6 2018

Download 1.05
Downloads 220
  • Added a new Scene Explorer, which replaces the old Scene Inspector script
  • Scripts: Added GetFile and GetFolder to CSystemFids
  • Scripts: Improved error logging on script exception
  • Internal: Lots of refactoring and stability improvements
  • Internal: Fixed updates checker not checking properly if game version is not found