Downloads for ManiaPlanet 4

Openplanet 1.03

June 2 2018

Download 1.03
Downloads 51
  • Plugins: New "Big Decors" plugin to allow for easier and automated big map loading (this replaces the Deco64 plugin)
  • Plugins: Stadium Unlock now automatically gets set when maps are loaded that require it
  • Overlay: Added Preload button to CSystemFid objects that are not loaded yet
  • Installer: Fixed installation not waiting for ManiaPlanet to close
  • Scripting: Added new Fids API: (this replaces the GetFile function)
  • Scripting: Added Nod loading interception API via RegisterLoadCallback
  • Scripting: Added ComboBox controls to UI API
  • Scripting: Added InputInt and InputFloat controls to UI API
  • Scripting: Added missing StartsWith, EndsWith, and Contains functions to string class
  • Scripting: Fixed crash on buffer indexer
  • Scripting: Fixed crash when casting null wide string to utf8 string
  • Scripting: Fixed crash on direct script write for primitive types
  • Scripting: Fixed MwBuffer and MwArray returning int instead of uint and not having a Length property

Openplanet 1.01

May 27 2018

Download 1.01
Downloads 273
  • Fixed a number of random crashes
  • Fixed file extracting sometimes extracting garbage
  • Fixed empty names in game data packs menu
  • Discord: Added statuses for several other editors
  • Discord: Added Endurance titlepack

Openplanet 1.00

May 26 2018

Download 1.00
Downloads 250

Initial release!