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Posted: May 25 2021

Last updated: January 8 2022

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Game Trackmania
Game Maniaplanet
Game Turbo

Display a bunch of Trackmania vehicle information on screen. Nice for streaming overlays!


  • Controller visualization
    • Gamepad
    • Keyboard
  • Gearbox visualization
  • Speedometer
  • Accelerometer
  • Wheel info visualization
  • Works in solo
  • Works online (including spectating)
  • Works for replays (see disclaimer below)
  • Fully customizable with many settings
    • Toggle each widget
    • Positions & size
    • Colors & styles


This plugin has many settings. You can find them in the Openplanet settings window itself under the Dashboard tab.

Source code

The source code of this plugin is on Github. Feel free to send pull requests!


You can sponsor me on Github to support future plugin development (as well as Openplanet and Trackmania.io development)!



  • Added "Unified" wheels style
  • Fixed exported script not compiling in dependent plugins
  • Deprecated "Hide on hidden interface" setting in favor of new global Openplanet setting


  • Added compact keyboard display
  • Added exported functions for plugin dependencies
  • Fixed padding on acceleration widget
  • Fixed text alignment on acceleration widget


  • Added new Cateye style for gamepad (thanks Skybaks: #34)
  • Fixed inputs not being visible when watching ghosts from leaderboard widget


  • Fixed Dashboard being broken when using an older Openplanet than 1.20.0


  • Updated icon font filename for compatibility with Openplanet 1.20.0
  • Dashboard is now hidden during intro (thanks Skybaks: #31)
  • Added "km/h/s" as a possible unit of measurement for the accelerometer (thanks Atheuz: #27)


  • Added new Accelerometer widget (thanks Atheuz: #24)
  • Added support for Maniaplanet 4 (thanks Atheuz: #21)
  • Fixed border alpha for keyboard up/down (thanks skybaks: #25)
  • Fixed braking not always showing up on keyboard and classic gamepad
  • Fixed errors on Turbo during loading screens


  • Added support for Openplanet 1.17.8
  • Added support for Trackmania Turbo


  • Fixed wrong info shown when spectating online
  • Fixed 1 pixel line on keyboard buttons when not steering
  • Fixed missing keyboard background fill option


  • Added support for analog keyboard input
  • Added wetness info to wheels
  • Added option to toggle gamepad up/down symbols
  • Added border width and radius options to wheels
  • Fixed dashboard showing when placing down car in editor for testing


  • Added Classic off alpha option for classic gamepad
  • Fixed dashboard not showing up during replays
  • Fixed wrong check of interface visibility



  • Added support for 2021-06-03
  • Removed maximum game version check and added some safety checks


  • Added support for 2021-06-02


  • Added a new option "Hide on hidden interface", which will hide the interface when you hide the game's interface with numpad asterisk
  • Added options to change classic gamepad steering color
  • Added options to change fonts in Gearbox, Speed, and Wheels widgets
  • Added option to change Gearbox text color
  • Fixed negative sign flickering in Speed widget


Because of recent events regarding cheated world record runs, I have to put a disclaimer here: You can not and should not judge inputs shown during replay on whether or not they are cheated! The displayed inputs are interpolated and not exact.

Competition build

Dashboard signed for the competition build of Openplanet can be found here. (Not as frequently updated, please ping me if you need an update!)