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Posted: July 24 2021

Last updated: September 11 2021

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We don't want to see all the medals, because the author medal is the only medal that really matters. In a small info box, the author time is displayed in the upper left corner.

Version historie

1.1 - 27.07.2021

  • The plugin is also displayed when closing the menu display

1.2 - 02.08.2021

  • The player can position the window anywhere he wants. The state is remembered. Also the default settings can be reloaded.

1.3 - 11.09.2021

  • The menu icon was replaced
  • In the settings you can now set if the Author-Time plugin should be displayed. This setting can also be made via the menu. This setting is persistent.
  • In track editor mode, the random time is no longer displayed. Either it is displayed that there is no AT yet, or the AT is displayed as soon as navigating back to the editor mode after the validation drive.