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Posted: July 26 2021

Last updated: September 11 2021

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Have you also wondered why in some modes the personal best time (pb) is not displayed? Enough of this! With this plugin you can display your personal best time in a small info panel. And as a small feature on top you can see the corresponding medal. After each finish the best time will be updated.

Version historie

1.1 - 26.07.2021

  • The plugin is also displayed when closing the menu display
  • Bug fix: When entering the same map the plugin was not displayed
  • If you pressed restart fast enough after your driven pb, the plugin could not update the new driven time. Now the plugin checks every 100ms if you have driven to the finish and then asks for the current pb.

1.2 - 27.07.2021

  • Bug fix: No pb could be found at the cotd. Thereby the plugin crashed.

1.3 - 02.08.2021

  • After the player finishes, there is a 750ms wait for the new PB to load. Sometimes the new PB was not loaded because it was not yet saved in the Nadeo database.
  • The player can position the window anywhere he wants. The state is remembered. Also the default settings can be reloaded.

1.4 - 11.09.2021

  • The menu icon was replaced
  • In the settings you can now set if the Personal-Best-Time plugin should be displayed. This setting can also be made via the menu. This setting is persistent.