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Posted: July 26 2021

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How to install plugins

Game Trackmania


StreamUpdate is an OpenPlanet plugin for Trackmania 2020 that changes your Twitch stream title automatically with the map you're playing.


Put the files in your OpenPlanet directory which is located under:


You will also need to create a Twitch application so that you can have a ClientID as well as a OAuth token.

Note: When you are creating your application, please put https://localhost in the OAuth redirect URL field.


You'll need to update the plugin settings tab under the Stream Update then Parameters tab with some informations:

  • ClientID that you can get from you Application Console.
  • Bearer that you can find it with this link (replace the <OAUTH_REDIRECT_URL> with https://localhost if that's what you've done earlier) and once you've approved the application, you'll find the Bearer token in the URL.
  • Broadcaster ID that you can find from here by putting your channel name.


Once properly configured, just launch Trackmania and it should sync the title from your stream to the plugin automatically.

You should find a tab named Stream Update in your settings from where you can configure your stream title. There is an optionnal {map} tag that you can place anywhere in your title and it will be replaced with the map you're playing. If you're not playing any map, it will be replaced with empty text.

You can let the plugin run by itself but you can also force the update with the menu under Stream Update named Update stream informations.

You can also check the stream title with the View stream informations sub-menu.


You can submit pull requests on the GitHub project. For major changes, please open an issue first to discuss what you would like to change.

Please note that this is my first plugin so it might have some bugs. Please post an issue on Github or send me a message on Discord bmx22c#0001. Thanks and enjoy !



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