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Posted: August 14 2021

Last updated: September 22 2021

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Game Trackmania
Game Maniaplanet

Plugin that enhances in-game screenshot feature. The big advantage is the ability to take 360 panoramas!


  • Custom resolution
  • 3 output formats (.webp, .jpg, .tga)
  • 360 Panorama mode
  • Tiling


  • Extreme resolutions can cause crashes
  • Panorama mode
    • Inverted horizontally
    • TARGA (.tga) Red and Blue color shifting
    • Noticeable seams due to changing lighting
    • Incorrect order of tiles in ManiaPlanet (will be fixed in the next update)
      • Toggle Viewport.SystemConfig.IsSafeMade or Viewport.Cameras[1].UseViewDependantRendering to fix

Source Code

You can access source code on GitLab or GitHub.


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