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Posted: September 4 2021

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How to install plugins

Game Trackmania

Helps modify in-game hidden settings (mostly visual) and slightly boost the performance.


This is a very early version of the plugin so only few features are available for now.


  • Graphics tweaking
    • Render Distance (Z-Clip)
    • Level of Detail (LOD)


  • Render Distance applies only if you are in the main menu or editor
  • Level of Detail might differ depending on your graphics preset
  • Fog relies on Render Distance, therefore if fog is increased it might be impossible to see the whole map.
    • Disable Render Distance in this case
  • Level of Detail value remains even if you disable the plugin
    • Set "GeomLodScaleZ" to 1.00000 at Documents/Trackmania2020/Config/Default.json to revert the LOD state

Source Code

You can access source code on GitLab or GitHub.


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