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Posted: September 10 2021

Last updated: January 7 2022

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Game Trackmania

No longer maintained, use ManiaExchange Random Map Picker instead, it's quite good :)

This plugin was formerly known as "Flinks Challenge", but changed to avoid confusion with the plugin mentioned above

A small timer and counter to help with those attempting Flinks random map challenge



  • Add hotkey for restarting a run (Prints AT & GOLD medal count to the Openplanet Log in case you were a little eager with the reset)
  • Fix "-" button for author decrementing gold.


  • Add hotkey for adding medals
  • Add toggle for showing hundredths of seconds
  • Add toggle for showing hours
  • Add icon to menu toggle


  • Upload plugin correctly so the Plugin Manager works
  • Actually make the toggle overlay menu button usable


  • Initial release