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Posted: December 20 2021

Last updated: January 8 2022

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Better Chat is a complete replacement of the in-game chat. Better Chat is better in a lot of ways, with features such as:

  • Built-in emotes
  • Easier to read names and club tags
  • Right-clicking player names for options (spectate, profile, block, etc.)
  • Highlighting on @ mentions
  • Custom chat commands
  • Autocompletion for mentions, emotes, and commands
  • Blocking & filtering
  • Streamer mode to censor some bad stuff

This plugin is open source! Feel free to report issues or contribute on Github:

Known issues

Better Chat might not work properly on some Pyplanet servers, due to Pyplanet doing some weird custom chat stuff. There's a Pyplanet Github issue for it here.



  • Added more font sizes for better visibility on 4k displays
  • Added proper support for Openplanet's new global setting to hide UI
  • Fixed taking focus when pressing chat buttons while not actually in game (eg. when typing in Manialinks or in pause menu)
  • Fixed depending on NadeoServices conditionally (this will allow release on Maniaplanet and Turbo soon)
  • Fixed generic dedicated server controller formatting that imitates Nadeo's format
  • Fixed some minor issues in settings


  • Added animated emotes: Clap, modCheck, peepoRiot, peepoShy
  • Added some new global emotes: WeSmart, WeirdChamp
  • Added the ability to interact with the chat when expanded (by default the C key)
  • Added option to automatically hide the chat during inactivity
  • Added back the /wr command
  • Added exported function BetterChat::SendChatMessage
  • Added exported interface IChatMessageFilter
  • Added empty space to first messages in chat so that messages appear at the bottom first
  • Fixed chat keys being locked in main menus even when not in a server
  • Fixed team colors not showing correctly
  • Fixed default for "Hide when gamemode hides the chat" for better Pyplanet compatibility
  • Fixed not being able to use numpad slash to open command input


  • Hotfix to remove the /wr command as there seemed to be an Openplanet plugin dependencies bug