OpenPlanet Icon Decal ITEM Embeddable

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Posted: June 3 2018

Last updated: July 4 2020

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This ->  Heart to use in Stadium Enviroments. Singleside Textured. Not Collidable Item for Decoration (Decal) use. Embedable in TM²Stadium Titles. -°- Released as a PACK -°- Install to your Drive where the Userfiles are located ... as example "C:/Games/Maniaplanet/Documents/Packs/ It has 22 Pivot positions to switch through for the Z axis. Use Numpad "," to switch the Pivot positions. The first 10 Pivot positions brings the Item to Front (to you). Pivot position "11" is same as Default position "(0)". Pivot position 12 to 21 moves the Item away from You.

Hint: Turn the Item 180° with the Default Pivot position and place it again to have it Doublesided. Try to use the Item as close as possible to any surface to avoid flickering from shadows.