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Posted: December 31 2021

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Useful Chat Commands

Useful Chat Commands, like its name says, add some useful chat commands to Better Chat plugin like /hi, /bb, /afk, /gg and more !


⚠ This plugin requires Better Chat plugin!
Install it through the Plugin Manager or install it manually by putting the files in your OpenPlanet directory which is located here:


So that it looks like this:

├─ UsefulChatCommands.op


You can customize every string that will be posted in chat, and here are the default ones:

  • /hi - Hello everyone!
  • /hi @user - Hello {user}!
  • /bb - Goodbye everyone!
  • /bb @user - Goodbye {user}!
  • /gg - gga
  • /gg @user - gg {user}
  • /glhf - glhf
  • /gr - gr
  • /gr @user - gr {user}
  • /afk - AFK
  • /re | /back - Re
  • /rq - I rage quit!|I give up!|I can't stand this map anymore!|Duck this map!

The /rq command is a list of possible string the plugin will choose.
You need to separate every string of this list with the pipe | character.

Every string can have text formatting.

Commands list

Normal commands

  • /hi - Say hi to the chat
  • /hi @user - Say hi to a specific user
  • /bb - Say bye to the chat
  • /bb @user - Say bye to a specific user
  • /gg - Say GG to the chat
  • /gg @user - Say GG to a specific user
  • /glhf - Say Good Luck, Have Fun to the chat
  • /gr - Say GR (Good Race / Good Run / Good Round)
  • /gr @user - Say GR to a specific user

Special commands

  • /afk - Say that you are AFK and puts you into spectator mode
  • /re | /back - Say that you are back and exits spectator mode
  • /rq - Say a random string and quits the server
  • /savemap - Save the map you are playing into your Download folder
  • /vote [restart|res|skip] - Will request a restart or skip vote


  • Add /spec @user command to spectate a specific user


If you have commands ideas, you can contact me on Discord bmx22c#0001.



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