Unlock Zerator Cup Blocks


Posted: May 16 2019

Last updated: July 3 2019

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Download Plugin_ZeratorBlocks.as (260 B)

NOTE: This script is not needed anymore!

As of 2019-07-03, the blocks are now available to all without the use of this script.

Unlocks the new blocks in TrackMania 2 Stadium that are normally exclusive to the Zerator Cup.

This also unlocks linked checkpoints.

To install:

  1. Put the Plugin_ZeratorBlocks.as file in C:/Users/Username/Openplanet4/Scripts
  2. Start the game.
  3. Open the Stadium editor, and you should have the blocks.

If you want to use the new blocks but don't have Openplanet installed, you can use these macroblocks made by ThaumicTom.