Per-environment Graphics Settings


Posted: March 5 2020

Last updated: July 4 2020

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Game Maniaplanet

This plugin automatically applies different graphics settings when you load a different environment. No longer need to manually disable motion blur in Storm or lower water reflections quality in Lagoon - this simple script will do that for you.

How to use

To enable separate settings for the environment you're currently in:

  • Access the Openplanet menu by pressing the F3 button.
  • Click on Scripts > Settings > Per-environment Graphics Settings.
  • Toggle the option Enable graphics settings for 'Environment' to add a global rule for the environment you're currently in.
  • Alternatively, toggle the option Override graphics settings for 'Environment' within 'title@author' to change the environment settings only within the current title pack.
  • And that's all you need to do - any changes done to the settings will apply only to the current environment!

Note: This plugin will only change the graphics settings which can be set from within the game. You still have to use Launcher in order to modify settings such as lighting quality.

How to install

Download the file and place it inside the folder C:\Users\<username>\Openplanet4\Scripts\ on your drive. Reload Openplanet scripts or restart your game.

Note: After the first launch since installation, your graphics settings will reset, due to a change in the method they're stored.