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Posted: June 5 2020

Last updated: July 4 2020

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How to install plugins

Game Maniaplanet

INSTALLATION: Drag and drop the script into C:/users/{you}/Openplanet4/Scripts

/!\ PLEASE READ BEFORE USING IT ! If you want to apply this to movable blocks plugin, please add : //depend "MovableBlocks.dll" anywhere in the code. If you don't do that, DLL won't load and Plugin WON'T WORK !

This plugin allows you to download scripts that are used to play the map without having to do annoying installation, one button and you're good to go. It also allows you to ship plugins with your maps Please share this as much as you can because it could make easier for mappers to create really special maps and get beyond in terms of gameplay experience.

If you are a developpers: If you have to use a DLL in your code, to make sure that it'll get embedded, add : //depend "MyDLL.dll" where MyDLL.dll is the DLL path from C:/users/you/Openplanet4 The plugin will automatically include all the included plugin into the map

My Discord if you encounter any problems : MosKi#4531