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Posted: November 23 2020

Last updated: August 9 2021

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Game Trackmania

This plugin is broken and deprecated - if you want a RPM widget, consider using Miss' Dashboard plugin instead!

This is a small RPM widget for TM2020. The gauge displays both the upper and lower revolutions per minute, where the car approximately shifts up and down and a color indicating whether you're close to the car shifting or not, similarly to the blinking lights on a racing steering wheel, just not as cool. Does not work in online mode (yet?).

Avaliable settings:

  • Position on the screen
  • Size/scaling
  • Opacity

Huge thanks to MosKi for letting me use his code, to enable the user to drag the widget across the screen and to Miss for signing the plugin!

Signed for starter and standard access tiers for TM2020.