Chat Controller

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Posted: April 1 2021

Last updated: April 9 2021

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Game Trackmania

This plugin has two main capabilities:

  1. Prevent hiding chat: this will make your chat toggle cycle between small and large, skipping over the hidden state completely! This has been added to the game; no plugin needed! Simply ensure that the "Allow hiding in-game chat" setting within the "System" settings menu is un-selected.
  2. Show a reminder when chat is hidden: this will display a discrete message near the chat window, when chat is hidden.

Note: As of game update 2021-04-09_13_12, there is an in-game setting which enables hiding chat, under the 'system' submenu. It is recommended that you use this built-in option over this plugin for the purpose of preventing hiding chat. This plugin will remain available for the purpose of displaying a reminder when chat is hidden.

Version history: 1.1:

  • Update for game version 2021-04-09_13_12
  • Remove the prevent-hiding-chat logic
  • Prevent plugin being active while in the map editor


  • Initial release