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[OP IS NOT REQUIRED] 32/64/128/256³ map bases

July 3 2020

Downloads 10
map bases in void with nice sizes

[OP IS NOT REQUIRED] Shootmania Player BaseMap

July 3 2020

Downloads 30
Edit the map to have a map using shootmania player as vehicle

Customizable GhostMode

June 12 2020

Downloads 18
Customize placement parameters of the ghost mode

Movable Blocks

February 17 2020

Downloads 153
Create new categories of maps and make your blocks move.

Cursor Edges Camera Move Patch

June 7 2020

Downloads 14
Stop moving when cursor touch screen edges

Plugin Embedder

June 5 2020

Downloads 15
Embed AS and DLL and any other file into Map Files (read desc before using it)

Custom Ingame Camera

May 30 2020

Downloads 41
Modify camera 1 as you want it to be

OnScreen Stats for Trackmania Turbo

May 16 2020

Downloads 18
This plugins shows Checkpoint-times, Best WR-players in room and Scoreboard results.

Camera Angle Unlocker

December 7 2019

Downloads 100
This plugin will disable the rotation angle limitation + zoom limit (new version:

Free Editor Camera

November 23 2019

Downloads 57
This is basicly same cam as free camera during races but in the game editor, can be really handy for custom blocks placement (new version: