Below are some common issues you might be having, and ways to solve them.

Openplanet doesn't work

The usual suspect is because you're missing the 64 bit version of the Visual Studio C++ runtime. You can download it here. Do not skip this! Don't assume you already have this installed on your system! If Openplanet doesn't work, this is very likely the cause.

In the rare case that installing the runtime didn't work for you, there can be many causes, but the most common ones are:

  • Openplanet installed to the wrong instance of Trackmania. (This sometimes happens if you have the game through Epic Games Store!) See below for details on how to find the right install path.
  • Using an older unsupported version of Windows, such as Windows 7 or older. (Consider upgrading, as Microsoft dropped support for Windows 7!)
  • Interfering third-party applications, such as anti-virus or firewall software.
  • Interfering overlays, such as ReShade, MSI Afterburner, Overwolf, Geforce Experience, etc.
  • A corrupt installation of Openplanet.

You can try turning off some of these interfering programs on your computer before starting ManiaPlanet, which might solve the problem.

Sometimes Trackmania (2020) might be installed twice by Uplay and Epic Games Launcher. In that case, check where Openplanet has been installed and run that instance instead or reinstall Openplanet to the directory, where the usually launching Trackmania has been installed to.

Note: You can double-check where the used Trackmania instance is located: Once Trackmania is started, open the task manager and right-click Trackmania and select to open its file path.

Another reason for this could be ManiaPlanet is blocking Openplanet temporarily. This can happen in circumstances where Openplanet has been proven to cause issues in ManiaPlanet such as instability. If this is the case, you can find status updates about it on Discord or the ManiaPlanet forums.

If none of the above seem to apply, you can start doing some more technical troubleshooting. First of all, check if there is an OpenplanetHook.log file in your ManiaPlanet installation directory. If it does, make sure there are no errors at the end of the file. A successful startup might look like this:

[22:35:12] Finding libs path
[22:35:12] Updating PATH to add: 'D:\Games\Trackmania\Openplanet\Lib'
[22:35:12] Attaching DLL to: 'D:\Games\Trackmania\Trackmania.exe'
[22:35:12] Module handle: 00007FF9E2A50000
[22:35:14] DirectInput8Create

A failed startup could looks like this:

[22:36:05] Finding libs path
[22:36:05] Updating PATH to add: 'D:\Games\Trackmania\Openplanet\Lib'
[22:36:05] Attaching DLL to: 'D:\Games\Trackmania\Trackmania.exe'
[22:36:05] Failed to load Openplanet module, error 126
[22:36:05] Module handle: 0000000000000000
[22:36:05] DirectInput8Create
[22:36:05] Openplanet.dll is not loaded yet!
[22:36:05] Couldn't find DinputInit function!

From here you could look up the error or ask for more advice on Discord. If there is no logfile at all, check if there's a dinput8.dll file next to ManiaPlanet.exe. If there is not, your installation is corrupt and you should try re-installing Openplanet. If there is, there's probably some anti-virus software blocking Openplanet from loading.

Next, you should check your main Openplanet logfile located at: C:\Users\<Your Username>\OpenplanetNext\Openplanet.log, where OpenplanetNext could also be Openplanet4 or OpenplanetTurbo, depending on the game. Check if there are any obvious errors there, and ask for help if you can't figure it out.

You can ask for additional help on Discord.

Openplanet compatibility

Openplanet is compatible with a variety of flavours of ManiaPlanet:

TrackMania Turbo crashes sometimes

Some crashes in Turbo have been linked to the Uplay overlay. This can be disabled from the Uplay client. Go to Settings -> General and untick both "Enable in-game overlay for supported games" and "Display FPS counter in game".

Linux compatibility

For information about compatibility on Linux (via eg. Wine), check this page.

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