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Part of Plug | Shortlink | Permalink | ID 0x09020000

Inherits from Plug::CPlug → MwFoundations::CMwNod

It's not possible to instantiate this class from scripts.

Inherited by

Plug::CPlugFileImg 0x09025000
Plug::CPlugFileFont 0x0902D000
Plug::CPlugFileSnd 0x09030000
Plug::CPlugFileFidContainer 0x09035000
Plug::CPlugFileGPU 0x09040000
Plug::CPlugFileText 0x09041000
Plug::CPlugFileI18n 0x09055000
Plug::CPlugFileBink 0x0905F000
Plug::CPlugFileSvg 0x0906C000
Plug::CPlugFileAudioMotors 0x09085000
Plug::CPlugFileModel 0x09098000


void ReGenerate()

Inherited from CMwNod

Members inherited from CMwNod

MwId Id

string IdName

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