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Part of Plug | Shortlink | Permalink | ID 0x0903B000

Inherits from Plug::CPlugVisual3D → Plug::CPlugVisual → Plug::CPlug → MwFoundations::CMwNod

Can be instantiated from scripts.

Inherited by

Plug::CPlugVisualPath 0x0903C000


void Courbificateur()


float Courbifiant

float Courbifiant2

uint NbPointX

uint NbPointZ

float RangeX

float RangeZ

Inherited from CPlugVisual3D

Methods inherited from CPlugVisual3D

void ComputeFaceCull()

void ComputeOccBox()

void NegNormals()

Members inherited from CPlugVisual3D

CPlugBlendShapes@ BlendShapes

bool UseTgtU

bool UseTgtV

Inherited from CPlugVisual

Methods inherited from CPlugVisual

void Inverse()

Members inherited from CPlugVisual

bool IsGeometryDynaPart

bool IsGeometryStatic

bool IsIndexationStatic

bool OptimizeInVision

bool UseUvGroup

bool UseVertexColor

bool UseVertexNormal

uint cBone

Inherited from CMwNod

Members inherited from CMwNod

MwId Id

string IdName

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