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Part of TrackMania | Shortlink | Permalink | ID 0x24036000

Inherits from Game::CGamePlayerInfo → Game::CGameNetPlayerInfo → MwFoundations::CMwNod

It's not possible to instantiate this class from scripts.


CTrackManiaScore@ RaceScore

Inherited from CGamePlayerInfo

Members inherited from CGamePlayerInfo

MwBuffer<string> AlliesConnected

wstring AvatarDisplayName

string AvatarUrl

string BroadcastTVLogin

string ClubLink

vec3 Color

string CountryFlagUrl

wstring Description

EEchelon Echelon

uint FameStars

bool ForcedSpectator

string GameStateName

bool HackCamHmdDisabled

wstring HornDisplayName

bool IsBeginner

bool IsConnectedToMasterServer

bool IsFakeUser

float LadderPoints

uint LadderRank

uint LadderTotal

string LadderZoneFlagUrl

wstring LadderZoneName

string Language

float LightTrailLinearHue

string Login

wstring Name

uint NextEchelonPercent

uint PlaygroundRoundNum

uint PlaygroundTeamRequested

float ReferenceScore

uint RequestedClan

bool RequestsSpectate

string SteamUserId

EStereoDisplayMode StereoDisplayMode

string StrLadderDraws

string StrLadderLastPoints

string StrLadderLosses

string StrLadderNbrTeams

wstring StrLadderRanking

wstring StrLadderRankingSimple

string StrLadderScore

string StrLadderScoreRounded

string StrLadderTeamName

string StrLadderTeamRanking

string StrLadderTeamRankingSimple

string StrLadderWins

MwBuffer<wstring> Tags_Comments

MwBuffer<wstring> Tags_Deliverer

MwBuffer<uint> Tags_Favored_Indices

MwBuffer<string> Tags_Id

MwBuffer<ETagType> Tags_Type

bool VoiceChat_IsMuted

bool VoiceChat_IsSpeaking

EMuteSetting VoiceChat_MuteSetting

bool VoiceChat_Supported

bool WishSpectator

CPlugBitmap@ ZoneBitmap

string ZoneFlagUrl

CGameLeague@ ZoneLeague

wstring ZonePath

Inherited from CGameNetPlayerInfo

Members inherited from CGameNetPlayerInfo

uint ChallengeSequenceNumber

bool CustomDataDeactivated

uint DbgClientUId

uint DownloadRate

uint LatestNetUpdate

uint LiveUpdate_Counter

bool Live_HasRetrieveTimeLeft

bool Live_IsRegisteredToMasterServer

bool Live_RetrievingTimeLeft

uint Live_UpdateLastTime

bool Live_Updating

uint NbSpectators

PlayerType PlayerType

SpectatorMode SpectatorMode

uint State

uint UploadRate

Inherited from CMwNod

Members inherited from CMwNod

MwId Id

string IdName

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