Useful Information Plugin

The useful information plugin displays various information about the current situation in the game. This plugin is shipped with Openplanet itself and in Trackmania (2020) avaliable for free, standard and club access. You find the various information, depending where you are in the game in the Openplanet menu (Menu -> Scripts -> Utilities -> Useful Information). If you click on the individual information items, the value will be copied to the system clipboard so it can be pasted later to anywhere.

The Local user info is always avaliable to be seen after you log into the game. Available here are:

  • Name
  • Login
  • Webservices ID
  • Authentication token (do not publish it or paste it somewhere!)

The Current map info is always avaliable when playing or editing a map. Available here are:

  • Name
  • UID
  • Filename
  • Coppers weight
  • Author
  • Author login
  • Medal times

The Current server info is always avaliable when playing on an online server. Available here are:

  • Name
  • Login
  • Join-Link
  • Server version
  • Server IP and ports
  • Player info

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