Privacy Policy

Visiting the Openplanet website will log your IP address, browser user agent, referrer, and the address that you visited for up to a maximum of 24 hours. We do this in order to avoid abuse and to get a rough idea of how people are using the website. We also use Goatcounter for minimal analytics.

When Openplanet starts in the game, it will automatically check for updates, and prompt you to install it. This update check will also log your IP address and your current version of Openplanet. We temporarily store this information for up to 24 hours, in order to avoid abuse and see game version trends, such as people sticking to older versions of Openplanet for whatever reason. (Note that it is important to keep Openplanet updated to avoid compatibility issues!)

If you log in to the Openplanet site with your ManiaPlanet account, we store the following pieces of information relating to your account: Your ManiaPlanet login, your ManiaPlanet nickname, the time you logged in, and your IP address. If you also link your Github account, only your Github login will be stored.

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