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ManiaPlanet API


Part of Plug | Shortlink | Permalink | ID 0x09039000

Inherits from Plug::CPlugAudio → Plug::CPlug → MwFoundations::CMwNod

Can be instantiated from scripts.


float DopplerFactor

float Gain

float LateReverbGain

float LowPassGain

float LowPassGainHF

float ReflectionsGain

float RoomFxHighGain

float RoomFxHighGainHF

float RoomFxLowGain

float RoomFxLowGainHF

float RoomFxMidGain

float RoomFxMidGainHF

float RoomFxMusicGain

float RoomFxMusicGainHF

float RoomFxUIGain

float RoomFxUIGainHF

Inherited from CMwNod

Members inherited from CMwNod

MwId Id

string IdName

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