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ManiaPlanet API


Part of Plug | Shortlink | Permalink | ID 0x09019000

Inherits from Plug::CPlugFileFidContainer → Plug::CPlugFile → Plug::CPlug → MwFoundations::CMwNod

Can be instantiated from scripts.


string AuthorLogin

wstring AuthorNickName

wstring AuthorZonePath

wstring Comment

string CreationBuildInfo

string DownloadUrl

string InfoManialinkUrl

string TitleId

string UsageSubDir

uint Version

string XmlHeader

Inherited from CPlugFileFidContainer

Methods inherited from CPlugFileFidContainer

void DbgBenchExpand()

void DbgExpandToDisk()

void DumpContents()

void EdDumpStatistics()

void UiInstallFids()

void UiInstallFidsInSubFolder()

void UninstallAndDeleteFids()

Members inherited from CPlugFileFidContainer

CSystemFids@ Location

uint NbFiles

uint NbFolders

Inherited from CPlugFile

Methods inherited from CPlugFile

void ReGenerate()

Inherited from CMwNod

Members inherited from CMwNod

MwId Id

string IdName

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