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Part of Plug | Shortlink | Permalink | ID 0x09037000

Inherits from Plug::CPlugSound → Plug::CPlugAudio → Plug::CPlug → MwFoundations::CMwNod

It's not possible to instantiate this class from scripts.

Inherited by

Plug::CPlugMusic 0x0901C000

Inherited from CPlugSound

Methods inherited from CPlugSound

void SetDirty()

Members inherited from CPlugSound

float AirAbsorptionFactor

CPlugSound@ BackingSound

EAudioBalanceGroup BalanceGroup

float ConeOutsideAttenuation

float DopplerFactor

int DuplicatesIntervalMin

bool EnableDoppler

float FadePlayDuration

float FadeStopDuration

CPlugSound@ FocusedSound

MwId GroupDuplicate

EAudioIgnoreSourceProperties IgnoreSourceProperties

uint InsideConeAngle

bool IsContinuous

bool IsLooping

float LfeSenddB

float MaxDistance

int MaxDuplicates

UnnamedEnum Mode


0 (Direct)

1 (Direct_w__attenuation)

2 (Spatialised)

3 (Spacialised_Omni)

4 (ForceHard3d)

uint OutsideConeAngle

float PanAngleDeg

float Pitch

EAudioPitchFromDistMode PitchFromDistMode

CFuncKeysReal@ PitchFromDistance

CPlugFileSnd@ PlugFile

float Priority

float Radius

float RefDistance

float RolloffFactor

EAudioRoomFx RoomFxSend

float RoomRolloffFactor

UnnamedEnum SoundKind


0 (Point)

1 (Directional)

bool UseLowPassFilter

CFuncKeysReal@ VolumeFromDistance

CFuncKeysReal@ VolumeFromSpeedKmh

float VolumedB

Inherited from CMwNod

Members inherited from CMwNod

MwId Id

string IdName

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