Downloads for Trackmania

Note: The Club Edition of Trackmania is required to use the full feature set of Openplanet. Click here to read why.

Openplanet 1.21.4

December 26 2021

Download 1.21.4
Downloads 21850
  • Added UI::CurrentActionMap
  • Added support for unsigned integer settings
  • Added warning when using invalid script metadata formatting
  • Added currently executing plugin ID to log printing
  • Changed how a plugin's setting descriptions are displayed
  • Fixed crash when adding duplicate keys to a script's metadata

Openplanet 1.21.3

December 25 2021

Download 1.21.3
Downloads 5786
  • Added map thumbnail to Discord rich presence
  • Added global "Hide overlay on hidden game UI" setting
  • Added UI::IsRendering()
  • Added the ability to use some preprocessor commands in info.toml (limited to checking game build info)
  • Preload now returns the loaded nod instead of a bool
  • More reliable shutdown when using the exit menu option
  • Fixed loud sound issue on some maps resurfacing
  • Fixed audio sample loading issue for stereo sounds
  • Fixed potential issue with audio playback when resampling is used

Openplanet 1.21.1

December 20 2021

Download 1.21.1
Downloads 6455
  • Fixed possibility of locking up the keyboard when pressing AltGr
  • Fixed imported functions not binding when loading plugins via scripts (eg. Plugin Manager)
  • Fixed crash when calling Fids::GetUserFolder with an empty string
  • Fixed crash when reloading plugins that are a dependency of multiple dependents

Openplanet 1.21.0

December 16 2021

Download 1.21.0
Downloads 6983
  • Added game version data for 2021-12-14 (faster game startup)
  • Added the ability for plugins to have other plugin dependencies
  • Added global game enums
  • Added defines section to [script] in info.toml
  • Added [SettingsTab] for plugin callback for rendering custom tabs in settings dialog
  • Added getExceptionInfo()
  • Added OnEnabled() callback
  • Added IO::File::Flush()
  • Added IO::Move()
  • Added IO::FromAppFolder
  • Added UI::RadioButton()
  • Added UI::IsItemDeactivated() and UI::IsKeyPressed()
  • Added size parameter to UI::Button()
  • Added fallback font parameters to Resources::GetFont()
  • Added array<T>::SortNonConst
  • Added option to pass pushing SSE registers to Dev::Hook
  • Added option to info.toml so plugins can force their own module name
  • Added debug tab to settings window
  • Added the ability to pass null to UI::PushFont(), which will simply be a no-op. Similarly, UI::PopFont() will react the same way
  • Added OnMouseWheel plugin callback
  • Added optional self parameter to proc interception
  • Updated Angelscript
  • Changed verbose build option to more useful info
  • Fixed sound artefacts loading into audio samples (eg. loud sound in AFK Queue)
  • Fixed not being able to pass some objects by reference to procs
  • Fixed arguments passed as references to procs being copied unnecessarily
  • Fixed objects not adding the correct values into MwFastBuffer
  • Fixed some unnamed enums in procs
  • Fixed settings sometimes not showing
  • Fixed hidden settings not being hidden when categorized
  • Fixed tostring() throwing an exception on unknown enum values
  • Fixed crash when passing null to Audio::Play or Audio::Start
  • Fixed a couple memory leaks when loading audio files and textures
  • Fixed assertion failures when a plugin could become unstable
  • Fixed system keys not being delivered to plugin callbacks (eg. Alt)

Openplanet 1.20.5

October 24 2021

Download 1.20.5
Downloads 17446
  • Added game version datas for 2021-10-14 and 2021-10-21 (faster game startup)
  • Fixed some keyboard events still not being properly blocked (eg. Maniascript KeyPress event)