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Twitch Chat

Downloads: 4 | Released: August 7 2019 | By

Twitch Chat overlay right in the game, including chat commands.

Twitch Chat Integration

Downloads: 3 | Released: August 7 2019 | By

Integrate Twitch Chat into Openplanet scripts.

10k+ file hashes (ManiaPlanet)

Downloads: 33 | Released: June 2 2019 | By

My list of 10k+ resolved file hashes for pack exploring.

Unlock Zerator Cup Blocks

Downloads: 935 | Released: May 16 2019 | By

(Not needed anymore) Unlocks the new blocks and linked checkpoints in TrackMania 2 Stadium that are normally exclusive to the Zerator Cup.

Stadium Bases for TMU Cars

Downloads: 68 | Released: March 10 2019 | By

A set of base maps in Stadium for TMU cars. You do NOT need OpenPlanet in order to use these. Open these in the TrackMania² Multienvironment titlepack by Dommy (TMAll).

Classic menu

Downloads: 120 | Released: November 29 2018 | By

Use the classic ManiaPlanet menus from the new menus. Also works in Turbo!

Embeddable Blimp ITEM

Downloads: 21 | Released: September 2 2018 | By

Openplanet Blimp ITEM Embeddable
- Released as a PACK -
Install to your Drive where the Userfiles are located ... as example "C:/Games/Maniaplanet/Documents/Packs/

Openplanet Small Deko

Downloads: 16 | Released: June 7 2018 | By

Small Openplanet Deco-Item

OpenPlanet Icon Decal ITEM Embeddable

Downloads: 12 | Released: June 3 2018 | By

This ->  Heart to use in Stadium Enviroments. Singleside Textured. Not Collidable Item for Decoration (Decal) use. Embedable in TM²Stadium Titles. (Released as a PACK) Install to your Drive where the Userfiles are located ... as example "C:/Games/Maniaplanet/Documents/Packs/

Map Thumb

Downloads: 42 | Released: June 3 2018 | By

A tool that allows modifying the thumbnail of any map file.

Openplanet lib for ManiaScript game modes

Downloads: 34 | Released: May 30 2018 | By

A simple framework library automating the process of detecting Openplanet in game modes and game mode manialinks.

Bases for ManiaPlanet maps with mixed decorations

Downloads: 119 | Released: May 22 2018 | By

This package contains several maps, which can be used as a base for building in decoration from a different environment.

Camera Patch

Downloads: 97 | Released: May 22 2018 | By

Enable the ability to move the camera outside of the buildable area. Useful for custom items.