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Written Gear

January 14 2020

Downloads 13
This plugin will show you you're gear as a number

More Precise Ghost Mode

December 7 2019

Downloads 29
This will modify item placement precision to make it 100x more precise than Ghost Mode.

Camera Angle Unlocker

December 7 2019

Downloads 47
This plugin will disable the rotation angle limitation + zoom limit

Free Editor Camera

November 23 2019

Downloads 32
This is basicly same cam as free camera during races but in the game editor, can be really handy for custom blocks placement

Twitch Chat

August 7 2019

Downloads 16
Twitch Chat overlay right in the game, including chat commands.

Twitch Chat Integration

August 7 2019

Downloads 7
Integrate Twitch Chat into Openplanet scripts.

10k+ file hashes (ManiaPlanet)

June 2 2019

Downloads 51
My list of 10k+ resolved file hashes for pack exploring.

Unlock Zerator Cup Blocks

May 16 2019

Downloads 944
(Not needed anymore) Unlocks the new blocks and linked checkpoints in TrackMania 2 Stadium that are normally exclusive to the Zerator Cup.

Stadium Bases for TMU Cars

March 10 2019

Downloads 81
A set of base maps in Stadium for TMU cars. You do NOT need OpenPlanet in order to use these. Open these in the TrackMania² Multienvironment titlepack by Dommy (TMAll).

Classic menu

November 29 2018

Downloads 187
Use the classic ManiaPlanet menus from the new menus. Also works in Turbo!

Embeddable Blimp ITEM

September 2 2018

Downloads 23
Openplanet Blimp ITEM Embeddable
- Released as a PACK -
Install to your Drive where the Userfiles are located ... as example "C:/Games/Maniaplanet/Documents/Packs/

Openplanet Small Deko

June 7 2018

Downloads 24
Small Openplanet Deco-Item

OpenPlanet Icon Decal ITEM Embeddable

June 3 2018

Downloads 14
This ->  Heart to use in Stadium Enviroments. Singleside Textured. Not Collidable Item for Decoration (Decal) use. Embedable in TM²Stadium Titles. (Released as a PACK) Install to your Drive where the Userfiles are located ... as example "C:/Games/Maniaplanet/Documents/Packs/

Map Thumb

June 3 2018

Downloads 50
A tool that allows modifying the thumbnail of any map file.

Openplanet lib for ManiaScript game modes

May 30 2018

Downloads 39
A simple framework library automating the process of detecting Openplanet in game modes and game mode manialinks.

Bases for ManiaPlanet maps with mixed decorations

May 22 2018

Downloads 163
This package contains several maps, which can be used as a base for building in decoration from a different environment.

Camera Patch

May 22 2018

Downloads 120
Enable the ability to move the camera outside of the buildable area. Useful for custom items.