Downloads for ManiaPlanet 4

Openplanet 1.19.0

August 1 2021

Download 1.19.0
Downloads 597
  • Added the Plugin Manager, which makes auto-updating & installing plugins very simple!
  • Added and updated a bunch of UI icons
  • Added IO::FileSource which is the same as IO::File except it can load files from plugin root (including .op)
  • Added UI::Markdown for a simple markdown display
  • Added UI::PlotHistogram
  • Added background color parameter to UI::ShowNotification
  • Added tostring() function to convert several different types to string representations
  • Added string representation through tostring() to arbitrary classes via string ToString() methods
  • Added the ability to pass several arbitrary types to print() (this works through the tostring() method)
  • Added Meta::GetPluginFromID and Meta::GetPluginFromSiteID
  • Added UI::DrawList which can be used to draw stuff as part of the UI
  • Added UI::Dummy and UI::InvisibleButton
  • Added ResponseCode, ResponseHeader, and ResponseHeaders to Net::HttpRequest
  • Removed deprecated Draw::* API's, please use Nvg::* instead (or, for UI-layer drawing, use UI::DrawList)
  • Plugins now always load regardless of compilation failures - this makes it easier to work with them programatically
  • Plugin callback RenderMenuMain is now called before the Help menu
  • Updated Angelscript
  • Fixed game not always shutting down properly when an update is started
  • Fixed some broken static initializer support
  • Fixed Text::ParseDouble returning a float

Openplanet 1.18.8

July 6 2021

Download 1.18.8
Downloads 429

Lots of changes, too many to list! Most notably, this adds support for the new plugin system.

For full changelogs, see the Trackmania changelogs here:

Openplanet 1.16.8

March 13 2021

Download 1.16.8
Downloads 1015

Openplanet 1.15.17

November 13 2020

Download 1.15.17
Downloads 800

All changes from Openplanet for Trackmania:

  • Improved stability
  • New API features
  • New "Useful Information" plugin

Openplanet 1.15.8

July 6 2020

Download 1.15.8
Downloads 724
  • Fixed crash that could occur during mapswitch
  • Fixed random input blocking after Alt+Tab
  • Fixed upcasting failing in some rare cases
  • Added Text::ParseInt64, Text::ParseUInt64, and Text::ParseDouble
  • Added string::Replace
  • Added UI::Columns and UI::NextColumn
  • Added UI::SetNextWindowContentSize