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Posted: August 27 2021

Last updated: September 11 2021

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Force Display Mode

This is a simple plugin, that forces the display mode (Fullscreen, Windowed, Windowed borderless) that is specified in the Openplanet settings panel.

Why does this exist?

The game sometimes goes out of fullscreen, maybe even without you noticing, possibly introducing input lag. This for example can happen when you tab out of the game while a map is loading. This plugin tries to prevent that by checking what mode you're in and setting the desired mode if you're in the wrong one.

How does it work?

All the plugin does is check the current display mode in a specified interval (see settings), to see what mode the game is in. If the current mode is not the desired mode, then the plugin will change the display mode to the one specified (see settings).

What settings does it have?

As of right now, these are the settings to customize the plugin:

  • "Target display mode": The mode that should be forced. (FullscreenExclusive = Fullscreen, Windowed = Windowed, WindowedFull = Windowed Borderless) Default: Fullscreen.
  • "Check interval (ms)": The rate, at which the plugin checks the current display mode, in milliseconds. Default: 250ms.
  • "Show notification on change": Whether or not a notification should be shown, that the plugin changed the display mode. Default: True.
  • "Notification duration (ms)": How long the notification will be shown. Default: 3000ms.

If you need to disable the plugin, do that via "Openplanet toolbar" > "Developer" > "Toggle plugin" > "Force Display Mode". As of right now, I found a setting or menu entry for that unnecessary.


  • The plugin will only change the display mode, if the Openplanet UI is not active. That is because else the game flickers, and minimizes, which could look like a crash.
  • If you have feedback or issues, please send them to me on Discord: Ze-Rax#9830



  • Fixed another issue related to Maniaplanet. I hope it finally works now


  • Fixed a nullpointer exception that prevented the plugin from working in Maniaplanet (= Now supports Maniaplanet)


  • Fixed missing "="-signs in ( Sorry, I'm stupid. :› )