Unique Replay Name

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Posted: September 10 2021

Last updated: September 11 2021

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How to install plugins

Game Maniaplanet

Before you start

Set your preferences via Scripts -> Unique Replay Name. In this window, you can toggle replay name replacements, and set your preferred replacement mode. If counting mode is activated, additional options appear.

Please set your replay name and the counter before starting to record replays because the settings don't save yet.


  • hit S (or your custom hotkey for saving replays) to automatically set a unique replay name.
  • choose between two modes:
    • Counting Mode: Set a replay name and use a counter that ticks up every time you save a replay with this method.
    • Time Mode: Adds the current time to the replay name
  • No saving yet

Source Code

The source code for this plugin is available here.