Ghost Scrubber

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Posted: October 4 2021

Last updated: October 18 2021

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How to install plugins

Game Trackmania


How to use

Click and drag to travel through time. Right click to toggle pausing. Hold the Control key to enable precision scrubbing (key bind is configurable.)



  • Fixed precision key sticking thing
  • Fixed some errors when hosting and playing on local server


  • Initial release

Known Bugs / Limitations

  • Only works in Solo mode.

  • There may be a small pink line on the bar, and essentially you can not seek beyond this marker, sorry. It's not possible to seek beyond a time value longer than the time elapsed since the session started.

  • If you seek often it is possible for a "Current race" ghost to get stuck.

  • If using the records widget spectating, you can jump around and miss a camera reset trigger which will keep the spectating camera stuck (likely in cam 3.)