Checkpoint Counter

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Posted: March 5 2021

Last updated: April 17 2021

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Game Trackmania
  • Counts the number of completed checkpoints (per lap), versus the total number of checkpoints.
  • Works in online, and on tracks with complex layouts.
  • Signed for use in all versions.

Version history:


  • Added additional formatting options to display remaining CP count, or other custom formats


  • Fixed issue with inconsistent CP counts while editing maps.


  • Should now correctly handle tracks with strange waypoint tags.
  • Improved caching behavior, so toggling spectator on/off won't require counting the CPs again.


  • Updated for title update 2021-03-17_16_13 (ring CP respawn)


  • Fixed a bug where the counter wouldn't reset to zero when giving up.
  • Is now set to display by default


  • Initial release