Nitro Dashboard

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Posted: May 21 2021

Last updated: May 26 2021

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Nitro Dashboard

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Overlay to shows Gauge with following info:

  • Engine RPM Gauge
    • Color change when car is about gear up or down
  • Vehicle Speed
  • Current Gear
  • Steering indicators
  • Brake indicator
  • Gas pedal indicator


1. Download the plugin

  • Download latest signed release through
  • Latest unsigned Club Access only releases can be available before Openplanet release on Github repo

2. Extract downloaded plugin into your Openplanet User Folder

Contents should be copied to <user-folder>/Scripts/NitroDashboard

3. Enable Nitro Dashboard Plugin

Plugin will be loaded when you restart the game or if you have the Game open you can select from Openplanet menu <F3> Developer -> Restart script engine

Bug Reports and Feature Requests

You can report any issues or place feature requests on Github Issues


Plugin was inspired by

Many thanks for @codecat (הimz¦Miss ) for helping with some of the code and prompt feedback.