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Posted: December 24 2021

Last updated: December 24 2021

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Game Trackmania


Frames manager is Plugin to manage Game frames for Trackmania 2020 .

Frames Manager Details

Frames manager is plugin to manage Game frames it supports managing Average Frames and Target Frames till now, you can limit your frames or you can increase Max Frames to see performance of your GPU for instance.

There is support for In-Game FPS also it measures your Frames only when you are in game.

And it supports multiple UI to show frames you can press F5 for Frames manager and F6 for Frames Text UI option anytime.

It has very customizable UI you can go to settings and change UI window position, Text color/font etc.

Technologies/Framework Used.

  • ImGui - Main floating window UI for Frames Manager.
  • NanoVG - Frames Text information w/o background.


  • Manage Average/Target FPS.
  • Option for In-game FPS Only.
  • Performance indicator.
  • Hotkey Support. (F5 Frames Manager, F6 - Frames Text)
  • Customizable UI (Position/Font/Color).
  • Multiple UI to display Frames. (ImGui/NanoVG).
  • Game mode option.

Next Update - TODO-LIST.

  • Add support for TM Turbo,Maniaplanet.
  • Improve in-game checking methods.
  • More Customization on Frames Text.
  • Game round FPS option.


  • Added Frames Manager.
  • Added new Text UI Option.
  • Added new Hotkeys section.

For more information check Github